Instock Medical Masks Anti Germs Surgical Face Mask Mascherine Disposable Masks Filter


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5 pcs opp bag
5 pcs opp bag
10 pcs opp bag
10 pcs opp bag
30 pcs opp bag
30 pcs opp bag
50 pcs opp bag
50 pcs opp bag
50 pcs with box
50 pcs with box
100pcs opp bag
100pcs opp bag
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  • Brand Name: Joepul
  • Implementation standard number: 1234778
  • Life cycle: One time
  • Origin: China Mainland
  • Function: Medical
  • Registration number: 20202140075
  • Model Number: face masks
  • Material: Non-woven
  • Item Type: Masks
  • Certification: ce


1.100% brand new quality.
2. Advantages: ventilation, dust removal, filtering bacteria
3. Color: Blue
4. Specifications: 17.3x 9.5cm
5. Type: disposable mask
Please read and understand this instruction manual before use and understand the applicable scope, 
wearing method and use the method of the product;
When wearing the protective mask every time, check the air tightness according to the instructions to 
ensure the correct wearing;
When the protective mask is damaged, dirty or the respiratory resistance is too large, the mask shall 
be replaced in time;
The protective mask shall not be washed with water, and not be modified by itself;
When not in use, keep the protective mask in a clean environment


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5 pcs opp bag, 10 pcs opp bag, 30 pcs opp bag, 50 pcs opp bag, 50 pcs with box, 100pcs opp bag


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