DSYCAR 16Pcs/Lot Valve Caps Prevent Corrosion Car Dust Caps Universal Aluminum&Plastic Wheel Tire Air Caps Valve Stem Covers


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  • Brand Name: DSYCAR
  • Material: aluminum alloy
  • Model Number: C0626##





   1. THIS LOOKS AMZING: Delicate knurling style provides good grip for screwing them on and off, fashionable design together with unique and excellent material make your rims and tires more attractive,add a nice look to the wheels.

   2. DURABLE AND CORROSION RESISTANT: High quality aluminum alloy which is non-fading. Built-in plastic inner casing, leakage-proof, corrosion-proof, and Keep the car tire pressure stable, so that it can better protect the valve stem of your car. replace the original bad valve cap of the tyre and let DSYCAR valve stems cap to protect your tire.

   3. EASY TO INSTALL AND REMOVE: Only screws onto tire valve stem,they can be installed without any tools. They are easy to remove, their inner casing made of plastic materials prevent the adhesion of aluminum alloy thread rusting and valve cocks and thus avoid situation that cannot be taken out after long time using.

   4. UNIVERSAL AND FIT PERFECT: DSYCAR air caps can be used with all 8v1 schrader valve stem made for automobiles automotive tires, motorbikes tires and some of bicycles tires. They are designed especially for Tyre Valve Stems which fit perfectly.

   5. Schrader valve cap for Standard 8V1 Thread Size,Inside dimension is Ø11mm,and the height is H22mm, fits for most cars, bus trucks, motorcycle and bikes


   Corrosion-proof Metal Tire Valve Caps,Suitable for use eve in extreme environment.Corrosion-proof Metal Tire Valve Caps,Suitable for use eve in extreme environment.


   Built-in plastic inner casing, whether you use during summer and winter, whether in the desert or in the city, it will still maintain great shape. You can use it even in the most extreme weather conditions.it can prevent water, snow, and dust from coming into the tire, thus prolong the tires service life. And guess what? It is rust and corrosion resistant,no stuck on the valve! Don’t you want that? The choice is yours!

High quality aluminum alloy,Lustrous metal texture


Universal and Perfect Fit

Standard US 8V1 thread inside,you can use this set of wheel air valve covers for many kinds of vehicles with American valves caps, such as cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, electro mobile, etc. Gets yours and look different from everyone else!


1.Style: Knurling Surface Finish

2.Type: 8V1 Tires Valve Stem Caps

3.Color: Black ,blue,red,gold,silver.

4.Material: high grade & light-Weight aluminum alloy

5.weight 3g/pcs

6.Height: 17mm/0.70″ (Approx.)

7.Inner Diameter: 0.74cm/0.29″ (Approx.)

8.Easy to install and remove



  16Pcs* Tire Vlave Stem Caps



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Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, Black


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