1W Zener diode kit 3.3V-29V 25values or 25valuesX10Pieces Assorted Assortment Set New electronic component diy kit DO-41 1N47


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  • Brand Name: NoEnName_Null
  • Type: Zener Diode
  • Condition: New
  • Max. Reverse Voltage: other
  • Voltage: 3V
  • Max. Forward Voltage: other
  • Max. Reverse Current: other
  • Package Type: Through Hole
  • is_customized: Yes
  • Max. Forward Current: other
  • Model Number: 3V-33V

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Specifications as follows:

1N4728A 3.3V   1N4729A 3.6V  

1N4730A 3.9V   1N4731A 4.3V 

1N4732A 4.7V   1N4733A 5.1V 

1N4734A 5.6V   1N4735A 6.2V

1N4736A 6.8V   1N4737A 7.5V

1N4738A 8.2V   1N4739A 9.1V

1N4740A 10V    1N4741A 11V  

1N4742A 12V    1N4743A 13V  

1N4744A 15V    1N4745A 16V

1N4746A 18V    1N4747A 20V 

1N4748A 22V    1N4749A 24V 

1N4750A 27V    1N4751A 28V 

1N4752A 29V   

Each value 10 pcs, all 25 values in one bag. 

50PCS 1W Zener diode 

1N4727A 3V

1N4728A 3V3

1N4729A 3V6

1N4730A 3V9

1N4731A 4V3

1N4732A 4V7

1N4733A 5V1

1N4734A 5V6

1N4735A 6V2

1N4736A 6V8

1N4737A 7V5

1N4738A 8V2

1N4739A 9V1

1N4740A 10V

1N4741A 11V

1N4742A 12V

1N4743A 13V

1N4744A 15V

1N4745A 16V

1N4746A 18V

1N4747A 20V

1N4748A 22V

1N4749A 24V

1N4750A 27V

1N4751A 30V

1N4752A 33V

1N4753A 36V

1N4754A 39V

1N4755A 43V

1N4756A 47V

250PCS 1W Zener diode (13V-47V) Whole package is cheaper

250PCS 1W Zener diode (3V3-13V) Whole package is cheaper

1W Zener diode KIT

3.3V-33V 1N4728A – 1N4751A  25valuesX10pcs=250pcs

3.3V-30V 1N4728A – 1N4751A  14valuesX10pcs=140pcs

3V-47V 1N4728A – 1N4751A  30valuesX10pcs=30pcs



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