1 set copa menstrual Reusable Menstrual CupFDA 2020 Vaginal Care Cup Feminine Hygiene Product Lady Cup for up to 12 Hours


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Purple cup with box
Purple cup with box
Pink cup with box
Pink cup with box
PPCup and Sterilzer
PPCup and Sterilzer
PkCup and Sterilizer
PkCup and Sterilizer
UV sterilizer
UV sterilizer
PPCup only with bag
PPCup only with bag
PKCup only with bag
PKCup only with bag
L 25ml
L 25ml
S 20 ml
S 20 ml
XL 28ml
XL 28ml
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  • Brand Name: AEIOU
  • Model Number: MCAE01
  • Item Type: Feminine Hygiene
  • Material: 100% medical grade silicone
  • Quantity: 1 Piece
  • Color: Pink / Purple
  • Size: Samll-25mL/Large-30mL
  • New Design: Body Alignment Design
  • Functions: All-Day Capacity Design Up to 12 Hours
  • Lady menstruation cup: Medical grade silicone reusable period cup
  • F: For Female Menstrual Period
  • Advantages: Ergonomic design
  • 100% comfortable: 2019 New kind cup
  • Time to marke: December 2018
  • Highly recommended: High Q
  • Best Gift: For girlfriend
  • Weight: 30g


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Silicone New Design Menstrual Cup

By Aeiou

New Arrival 100% Soft Menstrual Cup, Reusable Period Protection for up to 12 Hours, Medical-Grade Silicone Women’s Period Care Patent Design Products


                                                                                Total confidence and comfort 

It gives you total freedom from your period!
  • Dear customer:

  • This menstrual cup is our new product. After many experiments by engineers, it adopts a more human-shaped design shape, which makes the girl more comfortable when using it during menstruation.

  • Have a nice day



Body Alignment Design – The sloping design and splash-resistant edges fit the natural curves of your body and maintain your active lifestyle for a while. With higher capacity and longer rods, it is ideal for women with higher cervix and higher flow rates





*12 Hours of protection allow you to see more and do more without trying to translate the word “bathroom”.
*Protective Balance – Hypoallergenic foldable menstrual cups collect menstrual flow instead of menstruation, providing lasting care without leaving a dry or irritating space.
*Insert in the morning, empty at night, forget everything during the day



 How to choose size 


Size S:  – applies to women who have not yet given birth to babies, or who have ever had caesarean birth and are less than 25 years old.

Size L:  – applies to women who have given birth to babies, or who have ever had caesarean birth and are older than 25 years old.

Size XL:  – applies to women who have given birth to babies, or who have ever had caesarean birth and are older than 30 years old.

NOTE Since the material of the measuring tool is different, please allow an error between 2- 3mm.



Customers show!


​Pls feel free to contact me if there’s anything we can help with. It would be highly appreciated if you could leave us 5 stars a positive feedback.We are striving to improve ourselves in terms of service,quality,sourcing,ect.


Put in Steps:

1.The first step is to soak or boil water with disinfectant before use,with cook for 3-5 minutes and wash your hands.

2.The second step, along the concave arc. Fold the cup and pinch the cup. Don’t Jet it bounce off,Try to make it smaller.

3.The third step is to feel comfortable with yourself. Posture, put the menstrual cup into the vagina, Then squeeze the taill of the cup and make a cirde. Let it bounce off completely. (note If the tail of cup is slightly exposed,  feel too long that can cut it by yourself)


Removal Steps:

1.In the first step, genty press the cup with your finger. Separate from the vaginal wall Vacuum state. Then pinch your fingers. The cup     bottom slowly pulls out the cup.

2.The second step, after taking out the cup, dump it Menstrual blood, pay attention to health, (can be observed Check your own         menstrual flow and menstrual status)

3.Finally, cleaning the cup can also, or disinfection again, use a cloth bag. put it in a box and save it.  put it in a dry place.




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Purple cup with box, Pink cup with box, PPCup and Sterilzer, PkCup and Sterilizer, UV sterilizer, PPCup only with bag, PKCup only with bag


L 25ml, S 20 ml, XL 28ml


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